Centennial Book Binding

A Division of Rasmussen Bindery

Custom and Movie Books

Bring us your designs and ideas and we will help you bring them to life.

Coffee Table and Presentation Books
Custom leather bound book with ribbed spine.
Tooling in gold foil with die stamped logo.

Custom Foil Stamping
Dies for foil stamping logos, crests & lettering in various styles & colors.

Oversize books and Unusual Shapes

Yes we bind all shapes and sizes of over-size books! These may include large bibles in leather or cloth, atlases, maps, artists' portfolios, coffee table books (glossy pages), shipping log books and many other unusual books.

Wedding guest books and albums

Custom bound wedding book

Restaurant Menus

Telephone Book Covers
Put an end to messy telephone books with smart hard cover cases. In a variety of colors and designs these make good corporate gifts, especially customized with the company name.

Movie Prop books: We can't even begin to describe the unusual bindings and mock-bindings that are requested by the props people. This is a world of fantasy and make belief so we just go with the flow! Movies we have been associated with include:
A Muppet Christmas
Scooby Doo
Cat Woman
Chris Isaac Show
X Men 2
Dudley Do-Right
Dead Man's Gun

First Wave
Weird Science
Cool-Aid commercial
So Weird
Cold Squad
Voyage of the Unicorn
Kyle S.C

Creating a prop for the 'Chris Isaac Show'