Centennial Book Binding

A Division of Rasmussen Bindery

Self-Published Books

Limited edition

For Aspiring Authors

This form of binding is used to publish small runs of books for individuals or special interest groups. This could include family histories, poetry, novels, history or travel books to name but a few.

Books are hard cover library bound, sewn, with silk headbands, or hard cover economy bind also sewn, at an affordable price with longer runs (100 - 200) in mind. Further hard cover options would be glossy colour printed covers - often used for children's books or coffee table books.

For additional interest, go to custom binding which illustrates a wide range of hard cover and paperback options and extras in all types of cover materials from leather to silk.

It is always helpful to have good communication between your printer and your bookbinder. If you are using the services of a professional printer for your books, it is a good idea to consult with us first so that we can obtain the best possible results. We can arrange your printing for you or recommend a printers that we know to be reliable and who works well with us. See our links page for printers.

It is very important that the grain of the paper runs parallel to the spine.

Hard cover or soft cover with colour printed covers - this type of binding begins at the printer.