"The book parcel arrived today — what a superb job. I am so pleased. It is like a resurrection to see these special books renewed with lovely covers and well bound. I will read them with fresh enjoyment. Thanks for excellent work."

We specialize in re-binding old books, such as family bibles and children's books.We also re-bind cookbooks, dictionaries, photo albums, and any book previous to you or out of circulation. When a book cover is damaged, the pages will be compromised unless the book is repaired or rebound. A book will last for hundreds of years when rebound by our master bookbinders.

It may be necessary to preserve a book in a box. For rare or fragile materials and books, we make all types of portfolios, slipcases and clamshell boxes covered in cloth or leather. These boxes are not only practical but look just like books. See our sections on Boxes for more information.

Click on the images to open larger pictures.
This old family bible was re-bound and gilt-edged. (Please note that we do not advocate setting down your book in this manner - it was just for the photo-shoot!)

An old children's storybook repaired and rebound.

We work with companies that can make custom logos for our clients.

Before and after pictures of a repaired hymnary.

We re-bound all the law books for the new law libary at Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy (right). Click to see "before and after" pictures of the books.

The Vancouver law offices and library of
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy.

Books re-bound for a federal departmental library.

Before & after of re-bound books.

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