Welcome to Rasmussen Bindery and Centennial Book Binding in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rasmussen Bindery was established in 1978 by Holger Rasmussen, a master European bookbinder. We serve clients throughout British Columbia and across Canada, the United States and Europe. In September 2010, Centennial Book Binding became a division of Rasmussen Bindery. We warmly welcome all Centennial Clients.

We are known for the superior quality of our bindings using top quality materials, acid-free papers and adhesives. Our skilled bookbinders ensure archival quality, well-constructed books and fair pricing.

No job is too small, too large, too simple or too complex. We bind single books, entire librairies of books, construct special boxes, several kinds of binders, CD cases, and design books as props. We hope you enjoy browsing these pages and seeing the many products available to you.

To purchase bookbinding supplies, please email Neil at neil79@shaw.ca
  • cloth, paper and leather cover materials
  • awls, bone folders, brushes, needles, thread
  • marbled and other papers
  • Fabriano and Strathmore papers
  • headbands, screw posts and Planatol

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